Day 151 – 13/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Well that makes a full week in Broome, WA one of my longest stays anywhere for a while.

The day was pretty mundane I upgraded my view by moving caravan parks. Before I arrived in Broome my mate suggested that I stop here at the Discovery Park overlooking Roebuck Bay, however as it didn’t have a pool I headed for the RAC Cable Beach resort.

With a plan to extend my stay in Broome I thought it a good time to get a change of scenery as well.

It does beat being stuck between two cabins with kids running up and down the passageway every night! Although a pool would be great there are croc’s in those waters!

Other than some shopping for the continuation of the journey now south I spent the day watching the Bathurst 1000 on TV.

In the evening it was off to the Green Mango Cafe for dinner.

It’s not bad Greek food for Broome and a nice change from steak.

This was handy as it was next door to the Sun Pictures. This is the world’s oldest operating garden outdoor theatre.

Having visited the Outdoor theatre in Winton, Qld I now have visited the two oldest operating theatres in Australia.

Historic Equipment

Unlike the theatre in Winton here they play latest release movies on state of the art projection systems.

That is when they work, something to be said about the old machines!

With my drink and popcorn in hand I had them finished and working through my choc top before the movie even started. (Technical Difficulties – I have a feeling someone didn’t take off the lens cap). I was starting to think maybe i’m cursed after yesterdays bad luck!.

Top End Wedding

However the movie came to life and it was an enjoyable night out. With planes landing at the nearby airport and bats flying over head.

The movie Top End Wedding was really fun to watch recognising many of the locations it was filmed in from my recent trips to Katherine and Darwin.

That completes another day on this Midlife Adventure with the journey in Broome continuing tomorrow.