Day 246 – 17/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today is a trip back up the coast to Walpole, WA with a few stops on the way.

The first stop was in at the Denmark Chocolate Company where I sampled some of their great chocolates then started my morning with a hot chocolate.

With my belly warm I head to Greens Beach & Elephant Rocks.

A group of school kids were getting lessons in what to me looked like very cold water at Green Pool. I have heard from some people who were there recently that it is indeed cold… so I didn’t bother to try.

To reach elephant rocks you make your way along a dirt/sand path then down some steps before making your way through a gap between some massive rocks.

I believe one or some of the rocks are meant to look like elephants… I couldn’t spot it maybe my imagination wasn’t kicked into gear yet. However the beach is very pretty and well protected but yet on this 20 degree morning still not appealing enough to go any closer to.

Moving on I make my way to the seaside town of Peaceful Bay where they have this general store that does the best fish and chips and a caravan park. It would be a great place to stop so am adding that to a list for future trips.

The fish is fresh daily and the chips were ok but the fish was very good.

Walpole, WA

Next I have a drive around the lake side town of Walpole. I had driven through it with the van on my way to Denmark, WA however I generally don’t stop unless I have to with the van as its difficult to park and explore.

The lake would be a great place to explore with a boat and I’m sure based on what I saw around town that the fishing must be pretty good.

Heading back towards Denmark I hit the hills and arrive into the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

The information centre provides some good history on the area and the animals that can be found there.. although I do hope those critters are not life size.

The path is a suspension bridge and gets very very bouncy.

As you make your way up the ground gets further and further away.

The spans are weight limited to 10 people at a time they are a definite feat of engineering.

Pretty soon you’re on your way back down to the ground where you get to find out about the big trees the Tingle Tree which for a very tall tree has a very shallow root system, then the middle of the tree gets burnt out and it is still ok… I take it back that’s a feat of engineering.

On the way out the shop was selling Sturt Desert Pea seeds so being the South Australian emblem I had to buy some to see if I could have any luck growing when I settle in.

On my way back to town I stopped in at the Cidery at the Denmark Good Food Factory.

The tasting included a range of ciders with the weirdest being a chilli cider. Normally I wouldn’t even try it but they have the flavour without the heat in this one… its ok but I think it may have had a lot to do with my stomach not being happy tonight.

With it still being a reasonable time of the day I headed slightly out of town to the Boston Brewing Company. I tried a couple of their larger’s that were good and settled with a pint of their Hay Hey Wheat Beer.

So having now had a good day out I settle back at the Caravan for some dinner followed by a night of indigestion. The things I do for this blog!… oh well its another day tomorrow on this Midlife Adventure.