Day 136 – 28/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Ok today’s challenge is a difficult one. I have to try and explain to you just how breathtaking the scenery is in the Kimberley Region. The pictures will look good (in my opinion) but you cannot grasp from them just the awe inspiring beauty of the place from them.

With this timezone thing still insane, it was daylight at 4:30 in the morning… any sane state would have implemented daylight savings!…. anyway I digress it is off to Wyndham, WA an outlying town about 100km from Kununurra, WA.

On the way into town there is a rest bay that is elevated and gives you an amazing view of the nearby mountains.

The hills just go on and on

The valley below is contrasted by the green on the trees and the amazing colours as the mountains ring around you.

The Town of Wyndham, WA is a port city built to service the gold trade when discovered at Halls Creek, WA.

Wyndham Croc
Wyndham Croc

Today it’s a struggling town, off the main tourist route.

The long since closed Hotel looks like it is more prepared to be the next Bates Motel than an operational place to stay.

The port still trades with Iron Ore being shipped out from here.

Ore carrier

In town there is the Croc Cafe & Bakery that is a must stop and offers two very uniquely Australian Pies. Crocodile Pie and Barramundi Pie. I had the Barramundi with Lemon Pepper pie it was fantastic.

Barramundi Pie

So fed and watered I headed up to the nearby Five Rivers Lookout you get a great view of the nearby district and your way out to sea.

Towards Sea
Towards the port

To give some perspective of just how high up its a 3.5km drive to the summit.

Heading out of town about 10km you hit the King River Road and according to my map from the Information Centre another 15km or so you’ll arrive at some Aboriginal Cave Artwork.

What is not in the brochure is the other creatures found in the caves near the artwork including some very loud bird that when you don’t know are there and you think you’re the only person around and they fly away you jump and something alot quieter that thankfully was out but was obvious had been there not too long before.

A brave explorer I won’t make!

The King River has some elevated banks and is apparently great for fishing, although I am sure I saw signs saying that wasn’t actually allowed (and I didn’t).

Arriving at the Prisoner Tree, it is obvious what it’s use was once. Not a bad use of a Boab tree.

Black thing is a puppy dog that the owner was sure I couldn’t keep, even though it jumped into my car!

At this point my intention was to continue to the loop around and come out onto the Gibb River Road. However about 5 minutes later with my car rattling apart I decided to admit defeat and turn around onto road that at least a grader may have visited in the last 3 years.

Speaking of Boab tree’s (as I was a few paragraphs ago) they are really common up here.

Boab Tree

On the way back I also stopped at a water hole but without being sure decided not to go for a swim.

Then stopped for some more scenery pictures on the way home.

A location that however will be eluding me this journey is the El Questro station which I have read is spectacular. I did finally get however to the Gibb River Road. The Gibb River Road is one of those iconic journeys for 4×4 nuts around Australia or guys on postie bikes.

Well that is another busy day with the temp sitting around 37 degree’s its got noticeably hotter so for now garlic prawns with salad for dinner and we’ll see what tomorrow holds on this Midlife Adventure.