Day 204 – 6/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Today it is off to Yardie Creek on the cooler side of the peninsula.

Yardie Creek is a salt water creek that occasionally breaks the bank and is filled by sea water. This happened about 5 years ago but has since closed up again.

Our tour operator heads out to pick up the boat we will go out on.

The area is rich with birds and animals including some Kangaroo’s that are specific to this area.

The journey heads up the creek till we run out of water and turn around and come back.

Some nesting birds are easily viewed.

So we finish our tour and make the way back and head back into Exmouth.

In the evening I headed out to the Turtle experience to watch nesting turtles.

This starts off an informative talk about the types of Turtles in the area.

As the turtles don’t come in until dark we waited at the centre and found that some turtles were spotted further up so we drove out to where they were. We could see one but only just so I didn’t really get to see a turtle nesting.

So another day and another adventure on this Midlife Adventure.