Who am I? I am Brenton Cridland and recently I turned 40 years old which I was fortunate to celebrate with my family in Fiji.

Growing up in Adelaide I started my first business at 20 years old. This took me to Melbourne where I ran the business for a few years before working for a number of companies including Dodo, MYOB and then Databuild.

The then owners of Databuild provided me the opportunity to setup their New Zealand operations which saw me relocate for 5 years to establish the business.

Returning to Australia after the owners sold the business to ITW / Pryda in Australia I was hired in the role of General Manager. Completing another 5 years working for Databuild I moved on to a consulting role for Viewpoint Construction Software. Promoted to the role of Professional Services Manager I completed 3.5 years there before again starting my own business.

At the end of 2016 I decided to return to Adelaide. Taking on the role of Consulting Manager for Klugo, I was involved with a transformation project with a team of NetSuite Consultants and Project Managers to assist Australian companies successfully implement this ERP system in their business. It was during this time that I finally decided that it was time to take on this adventure.

I had been considering this trip for a long time and my sister, her husband and 5 kids had already completed their lap in 2009. (Glad I don’t have 5 screaming kids!). This left me in a difficult position of having to move on from my (now former) employer. I do thank them however as they have been supportive of my decision and I wish them every future success.

I have always enjoyed camping, cruising and generally any type of holiday. Whilst taking time when I could to go on trips I have not been able to take the time off that a journey like this requires in my professional career.

Whilst I could have done what many people do and wait until I retire, that seems like a lifetime away and not knowing what the future holds I want to experience this whilst I can.

Taking 12 months off mid career is a big decision but something that is very exciting and I look forward to meeting many new people on the journey.

I will be joining the many solo travellers out there who are exploring the country and supporting the many towns along the way on this Midlife Adventure

Who am I